Need help to reverse your diabetes?

I can offer personalised nutritional advice and support to help you reverse your diabetes – in many cases significant change can be achieved to your blood sugars.

Within three to six months the condition can be completely reversed – preventing the many health complications that diabetes can bring and avoiding the need for medication.

The initial approach will be a low carbohydrate or keto blood sugar diet – we do this by removing the foods that have caused the diabetes. You will receive detailed dietary options and a lot of support by weekly texts and regular consultations by either Zoom or in person.

I also use my Life Coaching and CBT skills to support you psychologically to help reinstate a healthy relationship with food and your health.

To encourage you to commit to your diabetes reversal journey, the consultation fees reduce in a sliding scale as you progress – and you will receive weekly text support. Please see pricing for more information.

“I needed to loose about 3 stone as I had newly diagnosed diabetes and had high blood pressure – took 8 months to get there but diabetes reversed and off Blood pressure meds. I have learnt HOW the type of food I’d been eating had caused my health issues. I was never hungry and ate keto and low carb as the food suited me. I look & feel 10 years younger !!”

Justin, Shoreham