Menopause support clinic

I am a menopause support advocate and I chose this speciality in recent years because I’ve personally been through it.

I passionately want women to have better support – we all have a different experience, but I want to help women through that experience if it is in any way a detrimental one – because it can be a very confusing and distressing time.

There are many and varied side effects from the menopause (and peri-menopause). It is certainly not all about just hot flushes. These symptoms can include significant mood and energy changes, joint aches, palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, vaginal dryness and vulva burning to name just a few – and often a libido that drops off the cliff.

As well as advising you on the optimum diet and lifestyle changes we can also explore HRT, if that is an area you would like to talk about. We can discuss the body identical safer options that are available along with other vaginal treatments – you can then go armed with knowledge to your GP if this is a route you choose.

There is so much scare mongering and mis information around HRT and little airtime is given to the many long-term health benefits of body identical HRT, such as heart, bone and brain health.

Although my main focus will of course be an optimal diet, my CBT training can be really helpful – especially in the areas of anxiety, stress or mood changes.

Menopause support from specialist GPs is very expensive and often totally out of reach for most women. I hope I can bridge that gap by offering affordable empathic support in a holistic way – diet, lifestyle, exercise, stress management and HRT solutions.

Please note I do not run blood tests as these are not required unless you have a very early menopause. The majority of all treatment discussions and treatment options should be based on symptoms (in line with NICE guidelines). If you choose to have HRT your GP will prescribe that for you, but you will have the knowledge to ask for the safe body identical options.

“I was really struggling with my menopause – truth be told I was totally floored by it. Carol has really supported me and educated me (I had symptoms that I didn’t even know were linked to the menopause!). With her expertise on the menopause, nutritional advice and exploration of HRT options I feel so much more balanced and WELL as a result. I would HIGHLY recommend Carol for anyone going through the menopause.”

Jenny, Haywards Heath