Need to lose weight & regain your health ?

Many of my clients have tried every diet going – but have never found a sustainable plan. Sound familiar ?

I offer a range of weight loss programmes – including low carbohydrate, ketogenic, Mediterranean and blood sugar approaches – all tailored to individual goals, food preferences and health conditions.

What you will get is RESULTS and a permanent lifestyle shift so that you can maintain your weight loss.

I also use my life coaching and CBT skills to support you psychologically to help reinstate a healthy relationship with food.

To encourage you to commit to your weight loss journey, the consultation fees reduce in a sliding scale as you progress – and you will receive weekly text support. Please see pricing for more information.

“When I first met Carol my weight was totally out of control as were my eating habits and I was pre diabetic. She was so kind and non-judgemental and her personal approach and weekly texts keep me on track and always gave me new ideas to stay focussed. I have now lost 4 stone in 9 months and feel amazing. Best decision I ever made !”

Lisa, Brighton